Oru Lamp Series

Vim & Vigor Design has a true passion for many of the crafts and skills which, traditionally done by hand, are more and more often being handled by automated machines. Our design process today is vastly influenced by handcraft, as we incorporate much hands-on model-making and prototyping. The Oru Lamp Series is very much inspired by this. While recently reminiscing about our days back at RISD and Parsons, we got lost in the nostalgic talk of practicing handcrafts and spending countless hours in the shop. We grew inspired to create a design paying homage to the vanishing art of hand spinning metal, and concepted a lampshade design that nods to this craft while fully retaining automated scalability for logical transition to mass production. The Oru Lamp brings a new twist to traditional spun metal. The beauty of the lamps is that they appear to change forms right before the eye as you walk around them. While most spun metal parts are symmetrical in shape, Oru is not. After the lampshade is spun, a cutting tool is used to punch a "key hole" in it. The shade is then folded, and secured into its new form. The result is a lampshade that appears to be a typical symmetrical shape when viewed from one angle, and, entirely differently, a key hole and a subtle organic form when viewed from another. The name "Oru" is the Japanese for the word "fold", reminding us of the unique manufacturing process. Oru comes in three shapes: acute, obtuse (seen above), and an intermediate width, each of which can be customized to one of two color combinations: a black exterior with a bronze interior, and a silver exterior with a white interior. They can be grouped together, used individually, mixed and matched, and add a distinctive focal element to any room. The innovative fabrication process combined with a fresh and stylish look makes the Oru Lamp Series truly fantastic.