NOOK Audio BT500 Wireless Speaker

Hero Front-R00 The NOOK Audio BT500 speaker is a terrific addition to any tablet or smartphone. Whether you are following along to an audiobook, or jamming out to your favorite tunes, the BT500 delivers incredible clarity and accuracy so you don’t miss a word or note. Thanks to the top-shelf drivers, this wireless speaker will impress even the most discerning ears. Firing diagonally out of the sides of the robust metal speaker grill, the soundstage is impressive coming from such a small package. Place the BT500 in the corner of a room, and it will fill the space with nothing but pure sound. Hero Back-R00 Connecting your Bluetooth enabled device is as simple as pushing a button. The BT500 conveniently remembers up 8 separate smartphones or tablets so the whole family can enjoy their favorite content. Don’t have a Bluetooth device? No worries, you can always use a 3.5mm auxiliary cable to hook up to just about any source.

If you want your music to follow you wherever you go, the rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer battery allows you to take the speaker on the go. With up to 10 hours of playback time, the speaker might even outlast your mobile device.
Dock-R00 With the unique retractable stand, you can prop your device on the BT500 to create an immersive hands free audio/video experience. Listen to some tunes while you follow along to a cook book. Lose yourself in the latest episode of your favorite show or even video conference with your loved ones. Whatever you are doing with your device, the BT500 is the perfect companion to amplify your life.